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There is only one way to find cheap health insurance and that needs you to invest the time and effort to obtain multiple quotes and then compare them. That is why this site is such a God send. It does all the hard work for you. This is an absolutely free service.

Use this site to search for health insurance companies from your state offering competitive terms. Now all you do to get a quote is click on the button appropriately marked “Free Quotes”. Once you have the quotes, spend a little time reading them through. When you find the deal that is right for you, enjoy the benefits of your new cheap health insurance.

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While we wait for the Supreme Court to decide whether Obamacare is constitutional and, if it is, whether it will make insurance affordable to more people, we are all in the game of trying to find cheap health insurance. One of the major drawbacks is the lack of federal insurance companies. This is one of the few industries that operates state-by-state. You cannot buy a health plan across state lines...

Cheap health insurance choices

What are the main choices when looking for and deciding whether to buy cheap health insurance? With health so important, how do we make the best cheap health insurance decisions?

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Cheap health insurance — group or individual plans?

When looking for cheap health insurance, what do you do if offered a choice between a group and an individual plan? Which is the cheap health insurance option?

As the names suggest, an individual plan is a policy you buy from a private health insurance company, whereas a group plan is one you access because you belong to a group of people. The most common form of group plan is offered by employers. As the US fell into a recession, business at all levels found the going tough. Now, even though there is a tax credit to encourage small businesses to continue and, in some cases, expand health coverage, most employers have been asking their employees to pay more. Even so, these employment-based plans tend to be cheap health insurance as the risks are spread out among quite large groups of people.